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A symbol of transformation and love.

Many myths and legends surround the birth of the Goddess of Love. Aphrodite emerged from the ocean, born of the sea foam and adorned in pearls. She was born an adult and extremely beautiful woman, desired by men and gods and causing many to fall in love with her - to the detriment of many relationships.

According to legend, her most beloved of all was a mortal, Adonis, who was fatally wounded by a wild boar sent to attack him in punishment of his relationship with Aphrodite. In rushing to his aid Aphrodite was pricked by thorns and where her blood fell, beautiful roses bloomed.

Aphrodite's Flower, or The Flower of Life as it is often called, is comprised of six Vesica Pisces (intersecting circles) which form six petals.

Aphrodite's Flower also represents the power of transformation and love, the greatest power and weakness in all of us.

Kailis jewellery, a business from a family with rich Greek heritage, has embraced the detail of Aphrodite's flower pattern in of many of our jewellery designs. This ancient pattern is a symbol of creation, love, balance and equilibrium, and of course a homage to the beautiful Greek goddess, Aphrodite.