Our Story


Forever connected to the sea, the Kailis family hails from the small Greek island of Castellorizo as merchant seamen, and immigrated to Western Australia in the mid-1900s.


It was here in Perth, that Michael George Kailis AO CBE met a young medical graduate from Melbourne, Dr Patricia Hurse AM OBE, and history was in the making. The pair would marry, have four beautiful children, and become partners in founding the MG Kailis business.



As fortune, fate and family history would have it, the young Kailis husband and wife team were drawn to the sea. Selling Patricia’s car, their one and only asset, to fund their entrepreneurial journey, they set out to pioneer the seafood industry along the isolated north-west coast of Australia.

It was this journey which led to the then-totally untouched town of Broome. A town which happened to grow the most lustrous pearls in the world. Inspired by the uniqueness of the natural gem, Michael and Patricia Kailis established the first Australian South Sea pearl farm in Broome. Using Dr Kailis’ medical expertise, they were able to overcome ecological challenges which could otherwise have devastated all the pearl farms in the area. The pearl farm was soon thriving, and MG Kailis became Western Australia’s largest pearl farming company.



In 1978, the pair achieved another history-making milestone with the opening of their first pearl jewellery store in Broome. Fostering talented local jewellery designers and showcasing Western Australian resources such as gold and diamonds to complement the pearls.  No longer, were our pearls only destined for foreign shores.


Inspired by the deeper beauty of both the pearl and individuals who wear our jewellery,
the Kailis family expanded the business across Australia growing our boutiques and exclusive network of jewellery stockists.
Making our mark as a truly Australian brand, showcasing effortless elegance, quality and confidence.


Now, four decades into our story, Kailis Jewellery remains a family owned and operated business. We are empowered by the natural radiance of the Australian South Sea pearl and, with it, iconic and undeniably Australian jewellery to reflect and enhance the beauty of its wearer. To wear Kailis jewellery is to embrace and embody that beauty, now and for generations to come.

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