Simple in design and effortless to wear, Kailis Classics highlight the natural beauty of the Australian South Sea pearl.

Classic Pearl Jewellery

Elegant and timeless in design, the Classics collection showcases a breathtaking range of white gold and yellow gold jewellery. This includes beautifully crafted pearl necklaces, pearl rings, pearl pendants and pearl earrings in 18ct white gold, 18ct yellow gold and pink-hued 18ct rose gold.

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Frequently asked questions 

We have answered some frequently asked questions about our collection of silver and gold jewellery below. For more information, view our FAQ page or get in touch with the Kailis customer care team. 

How to clean gold jewellery 

To clean your gold jewellery, we recommend taking your piece to your closest Kailis boutique or contacting Kailis Customer Care. To keep your gold jewellery piece safe and clean while you’re not wearing it, always store it in its original case. All white gold jewellery is plated with white rhodium for shine and a brilliant white finish. Rhodium plating will naturally wear over time, depending on the frequency of wear and other environmental factors. We recommend that your jewellery be re-plated as required to ensure the colour and shine is optimum.