Pearl Wedding Jewellery

Celebrate a love like no other with a precious, hand crafted heirloom from Kailis Jewellery. From earrings and necklaces, to rings and tie pins, our non-pearl and pearl wedding jewellery is equally as unique as its wearer, with options for brides, bridesmaids, the mother of the bride, flower girls, the groom and groomsmen.

Australian South Sea pearls style beautifully with bridal wear due to their white, cream or silvery tones, providing an elegant, romantic accessory to complete the outfit on such a special day. From the deliberately minimal design of our Classics, to the art deco accents of Manhattan and the touches of ‘something blue’ in Sugarloaf, each Kailis jewellery collection has its own distinct aesthetic, to suit a variety of wedding styles.

So, whether it’s presented before, during or after the big day, your wedding jewellery piece from Kailis will be treasured forever. Find out more about selecting the perfect piece for your special day by reading our Wedding Day journal story here.

Browse our collection of wedding and bridal pearl earrings, necklaces, rings and tie bars and pins below.

When is the pearl wedding anniversary

Traditionally, the pearl wedding anniversary is the 30th wedding anniversary, however pearls make a gorgeous gift for any anniversary. At Kailis, we have jewellery pieces crafted from a variety of materials, meaning they can be suitable for your 25th Silver Anniversary, 40th Ruby Anniversary, 50th Gold Anniversary, or 60th Diamond Anniversary.

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How to choose jewellery for your wedding day

Choosing pearl wedding jewellery is incredibly personal and may depend on the style of your bridal party’s outfits, the wedding venue, and location. At Kailis, we have a range of jewellery that is perfect for your wedding day, from exquisite pearl earrings and pendants, to pearl bracelets and rings. We also have a range of jewellery and accessories that are ideal for every member of your bridal party, including bridesmaids, groomsmen and mother or father of the bride or groom.