Keystone is an invitation to take a stylish sojourn to the Greek isles. Reminiscent of ancient Greek architecture, it celebrates the keystone, which sits atop a doorway or arch. A core element, it is typically the final piece, masterfully put in place.

Our Keystone and Keystone Rise pieces feature timeless and iconic designs, showcasing Kailis’ exceptional craftsmanship.

Keystone features lustrous Australian South Sea pearls set among scintillating white diamonds, united by 18ct white and yellow gold. Articulated by design, Keystone reveals freedom of movement, which brings each piece to life on the wearer. At its heart, Keystone represents stability and reveals one’s strength of character.

Keystone Rise is an elegant salute to the sun which invites the wearer to greet the new day with a sense of renewal. A perfect partnership of 18ct white and yellow gold, each piece glistens with white diamonds and artfully refracts sunlight.