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The Kailis name is synonymous with the most sought-after Australian South Sea pearls, each so naturally beautiful they require no treatment of any kind. Every pearl that bears the Kailis Jewellery brand mark is hand-selected based on five natural virtues of lustre, shape, size, colour and surface quality.


Lustre is the most important virtue to consider when selecting a pearl and describes the luminous quality of the pearl surface. Pearls have an astounding ability to capture light and radiate it as its own. Light reflects through the countless layers of nacre, appearing as though it is coming from deep within the pearl. Lustre depends on the quality and quantity of the nacre produced by the oyster and a superior lustre can be seen when your reflection is clearly visible on the pearl surface. Australian South Sea pearls have the most naturally illuminating lustre of all pearl types and require no additional treatment of any kind.


Australian South Sea pearls are a natural gem and only those that satisfy our stringent selection criteria are selected for the Kailis brand. The quality of a pearl surface complexion is determined by the number and depth of the natural imperfections present, with completely flawless pearls extremely rare to find.


The Pinctada Maxima oyster is the largest pearl producing oyster in the world, taking 2 years to produce a single Australian South Sea pearl. As a result, our pearls have a naturally thick and lustrous nacre and range in size from 10mm through to 20mm in diameter.


Australian South Sea pearls can come in a variety of hues, from moonlit ivory to pink and silver. These colours can be seen on the inside of the oyster shell. Pearls with a pink or white hue can be extremely captivating as they appear glowing against the skin. The more silvery hues of the Australian South Sea pearl can be just as lustrous and are typically set in white gold design.


The Australian South Sea pearl comes in a variety of different shapes, each as individually beautiful as the next. From the incredibly rare and perfect round pearl, to the unique shapes of baroque and circle pearls, Kailis jewellery showcases each of these shapes in our contemporary jewellery designs. Shape is largely a matter of personal preference and taste.


Kailis pearls are the most radiant when they're worn. If cared for correctly they will remain as beautiful as the day they were purchased, to be treasured by generations. You can find out how to care for your pearls here.