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The story behind San Éna


San Éna (Greek – As One)

A true heirloom

The Kailis San Éna diamond ring collection — a partnership of two families who cherish tradition and heritage.

The Kailis story

…begins in Castellorizo, a small island in Greece, where generations of Kailis sons and daughters made their living from the sea. Half a world away, our Australian chapter has this heritage at its core leading to the first Kailis jewellery store opening its doors in Broome in 1978 and growing to become the iconic West Australian brand it is today.

The story of the Royal Asscher®

…begins in the Netherlands when a family of diamond cutters were entrusted to cut and polish the Cullinan – world’s largest rough diamond ever found (3106 carats), commissioned by King Edward VII of the United Kingdom in 1907. The diamonds cut from the Cullinan still grace the British Crown Jewels.

The unique patented Royal Asscher® Brilliant Cut is the result of years of research into the science of maximising the reflection and retraction of light for the ultimate display of fire, brilliance and scintillation. The Royal Asscher® Brilliant Cut is a crisp, clear and distinctively different diamond, a fresh generation of beauty for this timeless stone.

The Kailis family and the Asscher family, San Éna with you.