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Repairs Assessment

We only assess and or repair items made by Kailis Jewellery. You may either bring your item to a Kailis Jewellery boutique or send the item via mail to our national repair centre. If you choose to send your item via mail you do so at your own cost. Please package your item securely in a mailing box or bubble envelope to ensure the item is protected. Please follow the instructions listed below:

  1. Carefully review our returns & repairs information and product care information before submitting.
  2. Complete the below repairs assessment form with all required details and click submit.
  3. Upon submission you will be emailed a receipt with the information you submitted for your reference.
  4. Send item detailing your Name and Street Address, via an insured shipping method, to:

    MG Kailis Group
    Attn: Customer Care
    PO BOX 8260
    WA 6000 Australia

  5. After we make an assessment, we will send you an estimate for your repair.

Note: If the item was received as a gift please contact customer care or visit a Kailis Jewellery boutique to discuss your repair.

Customer Details

Item Details

  • The product number should be located on the certificate or receipt.

  • Include any damage and/or personalised engraving.

  • Describe the repair service you require our Kailis technicians to undertake. Please be specific to ensure the technician does exactly what you require.

Return of Jewellery

  • Select the location the jewellery should be returned to after assessment and or repair.


  • Please note we will communicate with you regarding this request via email unless otherwise instructed.

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