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Our story begins in the remote north west of Australia in 1978. Michael Kailis CBE and Dr Patricia Kailis AM OBE pioneered pearl farming in Roebuck Bay in Broome where their success encouraged Dr. Kailis to take her passion for pearl jewellery to the women of the world.

At a time when Australian South Sea pearls were becoming increasingly famous internationally for their superb beauty, Kailis opened the first pearl jewellery store in Broome, the home of the iconic Australian South Sea pearl.

Over the next five decades, Dr Kailis' vision evolved and more women came to love these precious, untreated oceanic gems that our talented designers and skilled artisans transformed into timeless Kailis fine jewellery, and in 2002 Kailis Australian Pearls was formed.

The Kailis woman is one of sophistication, style and achievement. Like Dr Kailis, she is genuine, has earned her pearls and has the confidence to wear them when and how she sees fit. It is with her and you in mind that we design every piece of luxurious jewellery that makes a hero of these pearls.

Pictured above: Doctor Patricia Kailis AM OBE with the car which she and Michael Kailis CBE sold to fund the start of the MG Kailis business..