Introducing Sugarloaf By Kailis Jewellery 20.09.2018 3733 Views

Inspired by one of the most spectacular landmarks of our South West coast, the Sugarloaf suite by Kailis celebrates some of Western Australia's most beautiful natural assets; lustrous Australian South Sea pearls and the fierce ocean swells that embrace the iconic rugged coastline.

Immerse yourself in the wild beauty of Sugarloaf Rock and discover the sacred energy synonymous with one of West Australia's most unique natural landscapes. White diamond accents shimmer like crests of the waves on the undulating ocean that personify the thinchannel of treacherous water that swirls at its footing, as celestial blue stones embody the intense azure hues mirrored between the ocean and the eternal sky.

Incorporating striking baguette cut Blue Topaz stones, Australian South Sea pearls and white diamond accents, the Sugarloaf collection epitomises Kailis design aesthetic with bold statement compositions and a Kailis pearl at the heart of every piece.