Meridian, a hand-finished collection comprising two distinct styles — Royal and Nouveau.

Each Royal Meridian piece depicts the awe-inspiring night-sky, star-studded, in those stolen moments before dawn. Our naturally splendid Australian South Sea Pearls – our moon – united with 18ct gold, satin finish with a high polish bezel setting.

In creating our Royal Meridian pieces, we marry our timeless Australian South Sea pearls with the uniquely brilliant sparkle of Royal Asscher™ diamonds, renowned for their 74 facet cut. Innately luxurious, the unique quality, expertise and heritage are the foundations of the more than 160-year story of Asscher diamantaires, making them the perfect match for these exclusive pieces.

The Royal Meridian collection is a partnership between two historic family businesses, Royal Asscher and Kailis, each committed to excellence, individuality and an overarching respect for what nature has bestowed upon us.

Nouveau Meridian is a contemporary collection of pieces inspired by the first hours of night. Featuring Asscher cut diamonds with 58 facets, high polished 18 carat gold and lit by the lustre of the Australian South Sea pearl, each piece is entirely individual, just like its wearer.