11 . 06 . 21

Celebrating Pearl Month

Gifts for her

Traditionally, pearls are the birthstone for June, making it a truly special time of year for this precious gem.

We are celebrating by offering you a gorgeous gift with any Kailis Jewellery purchase of $700 and above until Wednesday, 30 June.*

At Kailis, we hand-select only the very best pearls to create our jewellery.

Australian South Sea pearls are derived from the Pinctada maxima, the world’s largest pearl-producing oyster. Each oyster takes between two to three years to produce a single cultured pearl — a natural beauty worth waiting for.

In the same way that a deep love develops over time, so does each precious Australian South Sea pearl, making them a beautiful symbolic choice to gift to your own cherished love.

Each individual pearl is assessed on the five virtues of lustre, complexion, colour, shape and size.

After careful selection, our pearls are then crafted into exquisite pieces which consider each pearl’s individual character.

Timeless, with a contemporary aesthetic, our jewellery is designed to be treasured for a lifetime and handed down between generations.

Each piece is a true heirloom of the sea, to be cherished always.

The final flourish of each piece is a secret black diamond, that only the wearer will know exists, serving as a lasting promise of the quality and craftsmanship of Kailis Jewellery.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

Kailis Jewellery Pearl Month