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Captivate strand

Everlasting intrigue


CAPTIVATE is an exploration of irresistible appeal. It invites us to be enchanted by the Australian South Sea pearl and captures the connection from pearl, to jewellery, to wearer.

An Australian South Sea pearl has a myriad of intricacies that go beneath the surface. Its innate radiance has the power to hold our unwavering interest for a lifetime.


In our Captivate campaign, we journey to the Perth hinterland. Shot by international photographer Finlay Mackay, it takes us on a discovery of Western Australia’s untamed beauty.

At ease in nature, our muse, Júlia Muniz Robinson, greets the early morning sunlight with a sense of renewal and optimism. She spends the day exploring sun-dappled rock pools and treading lightly along bushland paths, feeling serene and comfortable in the native landscape.

Bloom Collection

She is equally as captivating to others, as she is herself captivated by the natural environment. A trill of birdsong, a rustle of leaves, the way the light catches each pearl as she moves; these elements are each observed and appreciated along the way.

As the day draws to a close, she ventures to a golden rocky outcrop, admiring the vast, bushland vistas and savouring the last moments of sunlight.

Captivate Campaign Classics Collection

The Kailis woman has an air of mystery, she is captivating, both charming and warm, yet she carries herself with a hint of enigma. This aura of intrigue makes her a magnet to others. Always one to take her own path, she is elegantly understated, and has a wisdom that runs deep. Like the Kailis woman, the Kailis pearl is completely unique and mesmerising in its own way. Both leave a lingering impression and are a timeless expression of individuality.

Nexus Collection

We are dedicated to the Australian South Sea pearl. A true miracle of nature, these exquisite gems secretly gain their beauty with the passage of time, their true splendour realised only at the reveal.

Our pearls choose their wearer. At this moment, an everlasting connection between Kailis jewellery and its wearer begins.

Model: Júlia Muniz Robinson

Photographer: Finlay Mackay