The Kailis Connection With The Sea By Kailis Admin 18.08.2015 15733 Views

The Kailis family's seafaring tradition goes back to the 1800's as merchant seamen from the Greek island of Castellorizo. After being devastated by wars the Kailis family immigrated to Perth, Australia, where Michael George Kailis CBE was born with a drive to reconnect to the sea and restore his family's position.

In 1959 in Perth, Michael met a young medical graduate recently arrived from Melbourne, Dr Patricia Hurse, who would become his wife, life partner and mother of his four children. After selling their only asset, Patricia's car, they set out on a journey pioneering the seafood industry along the isolated north coast of Western Australia.

This journey brought them to Broome in the early 1970s where the now well established MG Kailis company started the first South Sea pearl farm in Roebuck Bay. Patricia's medical expertise was crucial to overcoming a challenging time of disease and low yields across the industry, and together they went on to establish what would become Western Australia's largest pearl farming company.

Having helped overcome production problems on the pearl farms Dr Kailis AM OBE became frustrated that her beautiful gems were being exported to Japan and losing their Australian identity. She was driven to change this by developing a locally based pearl jewellery business, fostering the talented local jewellery designers and using precious local resources of gold, diamonds and of course lustrous, Australian South Sea pearls.

This led to the opening the first specialist pearl retail outlet in Broome, the home of the iconic Australian South Sea pearl, and over the next decades Dr Kailis' vision evolved and more women came to love these precious oceanic gems in innovative and elegant settings. In 2002 the Kailis Australian Pearls brand was born.

Driven by their passion to connect women with the beauty of the Kailis Australian Pearl jewellery, the Kailis family expanded the business across Australia through an exclusive network of fine jewellery store stockists, at major Australian airports and through its own boutiques. In 2009 the family decided to focus on the Kailis Australian Pearls jewellery business and its pearl farms were sold and a new long term relationship formed with the new owners of the pearl farms to ensure the same high quality, untreated pearls would always be on its much loved jewellery.

Kailis Jewellery continues to be inspired by Dr Kailis and her philosophy that pearls should be worn by all women for all occasions. Her influence can be seen in each design where the pearl is the hero, it is contemporary and timeless and sought after by gracious women of style and achievement.