Suspended in a pearl By Rachel Farag 14.02.2018 2317 Views

For twenty-four hours, this Valentine's Day, your opportunity to celebrate love arises with a significant other in an extra special way. In that day, allow yourself to get lost in a daze of affection, gifts and sweet nothings. Reflect on your journey so far, or daydream about how your futures will manifest.

These twenty-four hours are your little window of opportunity to express all that you want to say to someone you care about. To create really special moments that will leave you feeling like you're on a cloud; and time will stand still.

Then the day will end. And, just like that, you return back to Earth.

You might then ask: was twenty-four hours really enough?

Gifts serve as great markers of special moments but a Kailis pearl goes beyond that. A Kailis pearl carries with it the history of the ocean and all its lost love letters from old worlds. This is then carried onto you to build on and to forge a new heritage that is uniquely yours. In the most luxurious way, whatever you cherish will remain suspended in a pearl, and set in the most masterfully crafted jewellery.

Hours fly and memories fade. Your treasured moments, however, stay suspended in a pearl that becomes your physical constant in a life of ephemeral memories.