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The Kailis family story starts in Castellorizo – a small island in Greece – where generations of the Kailis family made their living from the sea.

The Australian chapter of the family began in 1977 when the husband and wife team of Michael and Dr Patricia Kailis were among the pioneers in pearl farming in the pristine waters off the remote north coast of Western Australia. Not long after, in 1978, they opened the first pearl jewellery store in Broome, a beautiful and unspoilt part of the world that has become synonymous with the rare, exquisite and valuable Australian South Sea Pearl.

Over the past four decades Kailis pearl jewellery has become celebrated for its original designs which showcase the precious, untreated and natural beauty of these Australian oceanic gems. Worn by women of style and sophistication, Kailis Jewellery is strengthened by the heritage of a family with more than a century of maritime history. The Kailis woman recognises the inherent luxury associated with owning and wearing a living gem that was formed by mother nature, not by man.

Pictured above: Doctor Patricia Kailis AM OBE with the car which she and Michael Kailis CBE sold to fund the start of the MG Kailis business.