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Find your perfect match in lustrous, Australian South Sea pearls and be radiantly beautiful every day of the year.

While the stories surrounding the association of pearls with weddings differ somewhat between the Italians and the Greeks, we certainly side with the Greeks who believed pearls were the secret to marital bliss and protected the bride from wedding day tears.

Brides are increasingly choosing to wear pearls on their wedding day and even seeking out pearls for their engagement ring as an elegant and timeless alternative to diamonds. Some brides may be fortunate enough to be offered pearls as a "something old" gift from their mother or grandmother, but many brides – and grooms - are looking for modern pearl jewellery to complement their outfit and contribute "something new" on their wedding day.

Australian South Sea pearls style well with bridal wear due to their white, cream or silvery tones, providing an elegant, romantic accessory to complete your outfit on that special day. Pearl jewellery beautifully complements all skin tones too, warming the complexion for an inner radiance and glow.

Kailis has many styles to suit brides as well as classic pearl cufflinks for the Groom. the Father of the Groom and the Father of the Bride. Decadence (pictured above) is a classic style paired with diamonds for a bold yet elegant look, while Kailis Classics Collection has a broad range of jewellery choices available.

Kailis pearl consultants are always available in our boutiques or at one of our exclusive stockists nationally to help you find the perfect piece for your special day. Allow us to take you through the collections and assist you with finding the right pearl to compliment your unique bridal style. Our promise to you is that you will find a special piece of jewellery which will bring you joy and happiness for generations to come.