Kailis celebrates #momentswithmum By Gavin Feilding 12.04.2017 2042 Views

Mother's Day, which is just around the corner, is a time to reflect on the special bond and shared moments between a mother and child. To celebrate Mother's Day, Kailis has collaborated with The Grace Tales, Australia's leading blog and e-zine for stylish mums, by talking to three creative, modern Australian women about their busy lives, their favourite moments with mum and, of course, their penchant for pearls.

The series is kicked off with one of Australia's most loved musical theatre stars and Kailis Ambassador, Lucy Durack and her 22 month old daughter Polly. Her favourite moment as a mum so far? "… [it] happened earlier this week. Polly and I were right up in each other's faces playing after her bath... she cupped my face in her little hands and looked in my eyes and said 'ruf you'." Read the whole story over on The Grace Tales and discover some of Lucy's favourite Kailis pieces and other Mother's Day gift ideas here.

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Photographer: Michelle Holden