Introducing Galene By Rachel Farag 18.10.2017 6289 Views

Galene, patroness of sailors and fishermen and personification of the calm sea who possessed the gift of prophecy and divination, was as beautiful and beguiling as the oceans are vast.

It is quite a gesture to personify an entire natural force as an individual; to accredit all the qualities of the elements like the sun, or the wind, or the sky, into a compilation of one's character. Yet it seems that the ancient world of Greece celebrated each with its own persona, as a god or goddess to be worshipped and admired.

The natural force of the sea is something that has fascinated mankind for centuries but there is one aspect of its personality that, in this moment, particularly interests us. The calm sea. The vision of gracious movements of waves that bounce with a rhythm that feels synced up with the relaxed pulsations of one's heartbeat. And, above, seagulls spread their wings with an effortlessness that makes them look like the extension of clouds. Not quite flying. Not quite floating. They appear fixed in a moment of meditation.

The inexplicable motion of calm waters, as legends say, was the due work of the Greek goddess, Galene, who was as beautiful and beguiling as the oceans are vast. She was the personification of the calm seas herself, and was a guardian to sailors who would navigate the rough Aegan sea and ensure their secure return home to their loved ones.

Now, when we team the weight that the name Galene brings with another legend – that of the Australian South Sea pearl – we are left with something truly captivating. In calling our new jewellery suite Galene, we pay homage to our Greek origins and give thanks to the sea that yields the priceless and rare Australian South Sea pearls. This is our passion. And it is with this exuberance that we introduce our new addition to Kailis Classics: Galene.