In the essence of clarity By Rachel Farag 04.10.2017 6519 Views

To feel the weight of the bold, Australian sun fall onto your skin for the first time after serving time enduring the chill of winter is like sliding into a hot bath after tense, long week. Somehow, everything melts away and what you are left with is the essence of clarity. The luxury of transparent thoughts and a sound mind. Where every ray of warm, golden light can tap away at the face and relax every micro muscle with its sheer presence.

It was with this vision of encapsulating the warmth and vibrancy of the Australian summer that we chose again to collaborate with the stand-alone fashion powerhouse, Margaret Zhang. The New York City-based Australian photographer, director and writer joined us to conceptualise on a series of imagery that would showcase the natural awe of the Australian South Sea pearl in a context of singular floral displays, vivid styling and saturated overlays of blush and burnt orange. In celebration of the blooming evolution of our heritage, Zhang has created a body of images that explore new aspects of the Kailis woman, whilst reinforcing consistency in extending from our previous collaboration earlier this year.

To relax with clarity of thought in the warm Australian air is what also led us to our muse, Olympia Valance, dazing in golden surroundings and luxuriously at ease in stunning Kailis jewellery pieces. The on-the-rise Australian actress, of part-Greek heritage, captures the Mediterranean maritime history of Kailis with a sense of real-world modernity that any woman can adopt and translate in their own wardrobes. To wear a vivid array of sunset-burst colours in an Aurora piece. To see white diamonds cascade from an untreated, natural pearl in Metropolis. And to carry the passionate strength that comes with Flame. This is the luxury of transparency in thought. Where every aspect of a naturally exquisite Kailis piece can tap away and relax every micro muscle of its wearer with its sheer presence.