Enlightenment: giving an age-old art form a modern twist By Gavin Feilding 07.04.2017 1527 Views

As a modern Australian luxury brand, Kailis prides itself on working with the world's best jewellery makers and craftsmen to create original, modern, wearable masterpieces which showcase the scarce and valuable Australian South Sea Pearl. We regularly feature precious gemstones alongside our pearls but from time to time we look further afield for inspiration because it's our attention to detail that defines us and sets us apart.

25 May 2016 8:11:49 PM

When we launched our Enlightenment collection we knew it was a little bit different. Sure, there were pearls – absolutely luminous, beautiful pearls – and there were sparkling diamonds and precious gold, but what made Enlightenment so special was the inclusion of Guilloché.

Guilloché is a rare, centuries-old European art form where delicate, interlaced patterns are engraved onto an underlying material – in the case of Enlightenment, yellow and white gold. The tradition of Guilloché has been passed down through generations of highly skilled artisans, who use finely tuned, specialist equipment to engrave graceful, repetitive, geometric lines to the precious metal before hand-applying up to four layers of coloured enamel. It's time consuming, intricate and precise work, requiring patience and a steady, experienced hand. And that's what makes it rare and luxurious; it's the antithesis to fast fashion and the mundane.

Guilloché has been used since the 1700s to create some of the most beautiful, awe-inspiring and valuable objects in the world. Perhaps the most famous examples of Guilloché are among the Fabergé Easter Eggs commissioned by the Russian Imperial Family between 1885 and 1916. Their complex design and dazzling beauty, along with the tragic circumstances surrounding the demise of the Romanov dynasty, propelled the Fabergé name and his Imperial Easter Eggs to legendary status.

Over one hundred years later, Kailis found inspiration for its Enlightenment collection in a technique that was beloved by Emperors and Empresses who inhabited a world we can barely comprehend. The Kailis Enlightenment Collection is a statement in modern jewellery design which pays homage to an art-form entrenched in history, romance and ingeniousness. It may not be an egg, but we think it is still the perfect gift for Easter.

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