Discover the spirit of the Kailis Goddess By Rachel Farag 12.09.2017 3024 Views

The story of Kailis begins on the small Greek island of Castellorizo, with the Kailis family's affinity with the ocean. Kailis sons would venture into the seas to make their living every day; into the waters that inspired multitudes of ancient maritime storytellers who shared legends of the incredible goddesses that embodied the grandeur and mystique of the ocean.

The pearl was the magnificent gem born in the seas, fabled to have actually been a single teardrop shed out of joy by Aphrodite – goddess of love, desire, passion and beauty – who herself was born from the sea foam of the ocean. Ancient fishermen told stories of Brizo, the ethereal sea goddess who became their patron, who sent prophetic dreams to mariners. The traits of a powerful, magnificent woman embodied the goddess Amphitrite, queen of the sea and wife of Poseidon, whoinspired poets to write and artists to create.

When the Kailis family made their way to the Western Australian coastlines, they arrived with the history of the ocean in their veins and with the ambition of pioneers and explorers in their hearts. The husband and wife team, Michael and Dr. Patricia Kailis, uncovered the Australian South Sea pearl in the pristine waters in Australia's north west; a remnant of the ancient world. The voice of the ocean and all of its associated glories, dangers, myths and legends, became embodied in the pearl that they later set in fine golds and silver and crowned with diamonds of all kinds of cuts and colours.

Fast-forward to the present day. Legends of ethereal, strong and wise goddesses are now myths of the lost worlds but the Kailis pearl still holds the spirit of those legendary goddesses who inspired poets, were guardians to voyagers and whose alluring beauty dazzled the people. For the woman of today, all she needs is a pearl close to her mind and her heart. With this alone, she can tap into the mystique of the incredible women of ancient myths and legends that preceded her and become whatever she dreams of.

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