Design philosophy By Kailis Admin 17.06.2015 12518 Views

At Kailis our design philosophy is simple - we let the pearl speak. At the heart of every piece of Kailis jewellery is the unrivalled radiance of the Australian South Sea pearl. We create iconic pieces that are expressions of modern luxury.

We have a revered style, where shape and form are clean and uncomplicated. Kailis jewellery flows, is purposeful, adaptable and truly beautiful. It is our belief that through the design process, it is not so much about what can be added but what can be taken away to give our jewellery purity and integrity.

Kailis has access to some of the most special gems in the world, so our Australian South Sea pearls are always in good company. In fact, every piece of Kailis jewellery features a discreetly set black diamond, that offers assurance of our commitment to quality. To own a piece of Kailis jewellery is to possess a gift from nature, designed with consideration and crafted with quality. A contemporary piece for today and an heirloom for tomorrow.