Contrast Elegance & Edge By Kailis Jewellery 17.05.2016 7190 Views

At Kailis, we believe pearls can be worn for all occasions. From an extravagant gala ball to a casual, intimate dinner with friends, pearls will give you a natural glow.

Kailis recently collaborated with Ali Sims, fashion blogger and editor of Creatures of Commonplace, to show how to style Kailis pearls for a look of effortless, casual elegance contrasted with an individual edge. The outcome is a beautiful, feminine shoot allowing the natural beauty of Kailis Australian South Sea pearls to shine.

A natural beauty herself, Ali was the perfect complement to the Kailis jewellery, demonstrating that pearls are classic, ageless and beautiful - perfect for a woman at any age.

As the catwalks are showing, pearls are a must have accessory that works in a diverse range of styles and outfits. Here, Ali showcases yellow gold pearl jewellery looking pretty, playful and youthful.

"When you wear these pieces you definitely have a little moment"

Gold Charm Bracelet with all charms, $5400
Swing Earrings, $5240
Tranquility Lariat Necklace, $4195

"I'm obsessed with the contrast of elegance and edge in some of the silver pieces like the Surry Hills Silver Bangle"

Surry Hills Bangle, $1220
Pure Hoop Earrings, $950
Serendipity Ring, $1155

Serendipity Earrings, $1525
Serendipity Trio Ring, $1680

In her other two looks, Ali drew from Kailis' stunning silver and pearl collections, including Pure and Serendipity pieces. These pieces bring a modern, stylish edge to pearl jewellery and can be accompanied with casual and relaxed day wear such as jeans and a simple, casual shirt.

Photo Credit: Courtney Holloway Photography